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Meet the team of Ideatech. Team standing within the four Ideatech Blue Pillars

Who are we?

“Ideatech” is pronounced / īˈdedik /(aɪˈdɛtɪk) /

adjective (of visual, or sometimes auditory, images)

Exceptionally vivid and allowing detailed recall of something previously perceived. Creating vivid and unique brand solutions in a technological and innovative manner to achieve an unforgettable future.

our goals

We are dedicated to crafting innovative strategies with an eye towards making your brand shine. With unique campaigns that captivate and engage, our goal is to get more eyes on you - leading to raised awareness, greater conversions, and higher sales.

our mission

Create vivid, unique creative brand solutions in a technological and innovative manner to achieve an unforgettable future for out clients.

our outreach

Our agency is extending its reach to foster a tighter-knit community. We provide outlets for individuals, organizations, and businesses alike to team up with us in order create meaningful projects that bring our community closer together through collaboration and volunteering.

Meet the Team

Domenic Fotino
Chief Operating Officer
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Dom is an entrepreneur and former collegiate baseball player who invented the first curved hat hanger that became an Amazon bestseller! He studied engineering/business at Arizona State University and loves documentaries and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Matt Brill
Chief Product Officer
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After studying Design and Photography at GVC in Des Moines, Matt moved to Arizona to work at an SEO firm, then moved to a fertilizer company as the Marketing Director in Tempe. Matt is driven to use his creative talents to help brands tell their stories.

Jessica Coffey
Content & Communications Coordinator
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Jessica grew up in Arizona and graduated from Utah Valley University with a BA in Deaf Studies. She's a book of many covers, facilitating daily projects, content creation, editing, and our outreach programs. You can often find her exploring new places with her husband and fur babies.

Rebecca Fondren
Front End Web Developer
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Rebecca is a graduate of ASU with a BS in Graphic Information Technology. From Web Design to Photography and Videography, Rebecca does it all. She is an avid book reader and a Formula 1 enthusiast. Rebecca is diligent in helping companies thrive in the world of web.

Alice Jin
UI/UX Designer
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Yue is from China and has been in the USA for a year now. She graduated from ASU with a MID in Industrial Design. As a detail-oriented designer, she's excited to bring customers an effortless experience. Yue enjoys Chinese painting, the clarinet, and sewing doll clothes.

Carla Betancourt
Social Media Coordinator
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Carla grew up in Lake Havasu City and graduated from NAU with a BFA in Visual Communication, where she was a member of the school's social media production team. Outside of work, Carla is a photographer, dog mom, reader, hiker, and Harry Styles enthusiast.

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