content marketing

For business owners, crafting content that captures the attention of their desired audience can be a daunting task. With inbound marketing relying on storytelling and tailored narratives to connect with individuals, it often takes more resources than an entrepreneur has at hand - leading some to outsource this responsibility through quality agencies specializing in content creation.

Ideatech knows that a successful content marketing strategy is like putting together pieces of the puzzle. We specialize in piecing everything together - creation, distribution, and relevancy - to give your business an edge with engaging relevant content over time. With each piece placed into position by our experts comes closer connections between you and defined audiences ready to convert into customers!


Content Marketing

1. online

With an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates various assets, such as web pages and search engine results, your content will be a standout among users who are searching for what you have to offer. Lead the way with innovative strategies and put yourself on top of every search engine results page (SERP).

2. infographic

Infographics bring data to life! Combining visuals, short statements, and an easy-to-digest format creates content that is both informative and engaging. Perfect for breaking down those complex topics so everyone in your audience can understand the message, no matter their expertise or level of knowledge.


Blogging offers a unique opportunity to open up the world of creativity, allowing brands and businesses alike to take their message far beyond what words on paper can. They provide an invaluable tool for driving SEO rankings with internal and external linking while also adding product info.

4. Social

Social media is skyrocketing in popularity, creating a huge opportunity for businesses to get creative with their marketing efforts. Investing in content creation and sharing through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will be key players in any successful modern-day strategy and can give your business that extra edge you've been looking for!

5. video

Video marketing is quickly becoming the favored way for consumers to learn more about a brand's product or service. With engagement rates 12x higher than other types of content, video has become dominant in social media. Boost conversions and ROI while simultaneously creating relationships with your target audience!

6. podcast

Podcasting has become an exciting way for businesses, media outlets and creative minds alike to share their passions. With freedom around topics as well as length, advertising frequency, or special guests – if you have a story ready to be told through sound waves then this could be your time!

7. Paid ad

Paid advertising is becoming more essential for businesses to stand out from the competition, with PPC campaigns taking center stage. With a potential return on investment, these strategies offer an opportunity your business can't afford to miss. Brands have seen improvement in brand awareness through Google paid ads alone.

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