Brand Mission

Ferticell USA has been a trailblazing leader in the US organic fertilizer industry since 2010. Since then, this incredible company has experienced exponential growth from humble beginnings as a two-state business with just four products, to nationwide market domination today. 2022 marks 18 remarkable years of success - an amazing achievement that deserves recognition and celebration! Together, Ferticell and Ideatech created 16 spectacular products from Spain that span across three continents. With exciting product names to spark curiosity in markets around the world and special logos designed for every single product by Ideatech, it's no surprise customers everywhere have come to recognize these revolutionary offerings as game-changers on an international scale.

THE project goal

Ideatech's goal was to give Ferticell the boost it needed in its sales promotions. To accomplish this, we took comprehensive and detailed steps – specifically by pin-pointing which individual or branch achieved success through reaching specific KPIs.

SCOPE of work

Our marketing experts crafted a one-of-a kind strategy to transform Ferticell's image and give them the recognition they deserve. From accessing innovative SEO techniques, captivating social media visuals, custom print materials, and packaging design to remarkable videography services - no detail was overlooked in our strategy! Plus we made sure that every aspect of their brand extended beyond digital into tangible pieces such as eye catching apparel designs for trade shows or expositions and email campaigns tailored with care.

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