Brand Mission

Gracie Barra is revolutionizing the world of jiu-jitsu, stretching its reach to all corners of the globe with a staggering 800 schools throughout 6 different continents. Bringing the same branded message- “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone®” closer than ever before, GB Arizona has planted 12 thriving branches in Maricopa County alone. One of the newest schools here in the valley is Gracie Barra Maricopa, opening its doors to the vibrant and inviting community of Maricopa. Gracie Barra Flatirons is the newest addition to Broomfield, Colorado's jiu-jitsu scene and it has already made a big impact. Located near breathtaking views of Flatiron Mountain faces, this two-story facility offers everything students need for top notch instruction with 6th degree black belt Jefferson Moura at its helm. We've been proud to collaborate with GB on making their school grow so they can bring martial arts training beyond expectations in one of Colorado's most stunning places!

THE project goal

To build a successful inline presence for Gracie Barra, we took the ambitious goal to create a strong digital presence that would help bring customer success. We wanted the customer experience reviews to be easier than ever before so that users could find them on Google quickly through organic search results. Ultimately our goal was not just about boosting these schools' visibility, but also advocating for all the benefits they have to offer their community.

SCOPE of work

Our team crafted a comprehensive plan for Gracie Barra that included creating an eye-catching website, implementing strategic social media initiatives, and crafting effective advertising campaigns. With these tools in hand, they were ready to take their business to the next level!

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