Brand Mission

As a leading provider of sports medicine and ultrasound-guided procedures in the East Valley of Arizona, Optimize You Performance Medicine turned to Ideatech Creatives to position the company to bring the kind of high-quality medical care professional athletes receive for their everyday patients. Whether their patients’ goals are to heal their injuries, improve their performance, or increase their energy, Optimize You possesses the knowledge and expertise to help each person that walks through their doors achieve an optimal life. Optimize You uses cutting-edge medical modalities to amplify the quality of a healthy and dynamic lifestyle for all. Ideatech received the opportunity to take Optimize You’s products and services and turn them into a mobile and full-brand brick-and-mortar business.  

THE project goal

Our goal was to make Optimize You stand out as a champion of performance medicine. We created relationships within the community, pushed engaging content on social media, crafted compelling materials, and established an email list to create maximum impact.

SCOPE of work

To give Optimize You a competitive edge in their market, our team provided far more than just online blueprints - we implemented sales training to ensure the staff had knowledge and expertise, ran a referral program with other local healthcare practices for added reach, handled full interior design of the office space, AND executed it too! To track progress along this journey, we supplied key performance indicators throughout.

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