Brand Mission

RLF was founded upon the ideals of excellence, tenacity, and consistency in 2006 to provide high-quality professional services for engineering specialists, telecommunications companies, utility providers, and government agencies nationwide. With a wealth of expertise spanning more than 60 years on all sorts of projects in various disciplines, from energy efficiency design solutions through big data analytics, RLF continues to be agile enough to meet today's ever-shifting market demands.

THE project goal

RLF Consulting wanted to show their customers that they're a forward-thinking and reliable business, aiming for the future of land surveying. Ideatech was there to help them achieve this goal by refreshing their brand image and updating their website.

SCOPE of work

Our marketing agency crafted a comprehensive branding and strategy, designed an all-new website, as well as custom print materials and promotional apparel for RLF Consulting - creating the perfect showcase of their business identity.

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