Brand Mission

Soapazon was inspired and developed by baseball athletes to help with the recovery process after a long day of sports. The company launched in 2021 and became a leader in the all-natural and handmade soap industry. The product is designed to refresh and soothe the body and ensures the most sustaining and nourishing ingredients.

THE project goal

Ideatech's goal was to help Soapazon achieve the seemingly impossible task - to stand out among thousands of products on Amazon. The strategy to achieve such a goal was through intricate packaging design. Each soap was to be transformed into an individual work of art with its own unique theme and colors for every scent. In doing so, we would be able to create a cohesive brand look to draw in customers from all over!

SCOPE of work

Ideatech completely revolutionized the look and feel of Soapazon, crafting a brand identity from scratch to make them stand out in their field. We created an effective strategy, designed a visually stunning website with compelling print components, and eye-catching package design. To top it off we captured beautiful photography and videography that really made this project shine!

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